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Boys and girls ages 4–8 years old. Also known as “mini” basketball. Note that the ball used for all competitions (men's, women's, and mixed) in the formalized halfcourt game of 3x3 combines characteristics of the size 6 and size 7 balls. Its circumference is that of a size 6 ball, but its weight is that of a size 7.

Basketball Glossary and Terms | Epic Sports

Carrying the Ball: Also called "palming"; an illegal dribbling of the ball with both hands at the same time, turning the ball over in your hands, or placing the hands underneath the ball as if holding or carrying it. Catch and Face: Catching a pass and turning directly toward the basket before taking a shot.

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Basket: Consists of the rim and the net, also known a ‘the hoop’. Basketball: A round ball made of rubber, leather or synthetic leather. Comes in 3 different sizes (size 5, 6 or 7). Blind Pass: A pass from a ball handler who does not see their receiver but is estimating where they should be.

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Basketball, game played between two teams of five players each on a rectangular court, usually indoors. Each team tries to score by tossing the ball through the opponent’s goal, an elevated horizontal hoop and net called a basket. It is the only major sport strictly of U.S. origin.

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When the word “ball” is part of the game, it’s rare and awkward to use that term - i.e. “basketball ball”. It would be more appropriate to om. A baseball, like a softball, is just known by that name. Sometimes the term “hardball” is used to differentiate it from some other ball, especially from some other gaming ball.

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An offensive play in which a player sets a screen on the defender guarding the player with the ball. ball side. Also called the strong side. The half of the court (divided lengthwise) that the ball is currently on. Contrast help side. banana cut. Also called a "C" cut. A wide, curving cut, as opposed to a cut that is a straight line. bank shot

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B-Ball. B-Ball is another term for basketball. Even though there are other sports that begin with the same letter (such as baseball), b-ball always refers to basketball.

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Later that year he wrote the first version of the rules of what he now called 'Basket Ball'. In 1906, the baskets were replaced by metal hoops in front of backboards. The ball still had to pass through the hoop from above to score a goal, however, as it did when baskets were used. The game soon spread to other U.S. schools and universities.

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When Mr Nasmith invented the game it started out with an actual BASKET tied to a pole. When a player got the ball in the BASKET someone actually had to grab a ladder and go and fetch the ball out of the BASKET.

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A tip-in in basketball is a reaction to a missed shot rather than a shot type. If a shot is missed and the ball bounces off the rim, it's legal for anyone to try and tip the ball into the basket as long as the ball wouldn't hit the rim if it was left untouched. This can occur on any type of shot, whether it be a jump shot, layup, or a hook shot.