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Tennis Warehouse - Volkl Cyclone 16 String Review

Our playtest team found Volkl Cyclone to be a very user-friendly co-poly with no real downsides. Unlike some strings that require either an onerous break-in period or constant tinkering with swing speed and tension, we thought Cyclone's playability was exceptional right "out of the box." This doesn't mean that Cyclone is for everybody.

Volkl Cyclone Tennis String Review | Tennis Express

The string combines impressive spin production with controlled response and excellent durability. Big hitting players who can bring their own power but want spin and control will find a lot to love. Any player comfortable with polyester will find Volkl Cyclone is one of the best polys for your dollar in terms of spin, accuracy and overall playability.

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Tennis Warehouse - Volkl V-Star String Review

Volkl V-Star is a co-poly with impressive all-around playability. Like most poly-based strings, it is designed to offer big hitters the control and spin they need to bring the ball down inside the lines. What separates it from a great many of its peers is comfort, a feature that received high praise from our playtesters.

Volkl Cyclone 16 tennis string review

Volkl Cyclone tennis string review. The Volkl Cyclone offers a lot of spin and is durable enough for big hitters. The string is an affordable alternative.

Volkl Cyclone Tour Tennis String Review | Tennis Express

While big hitters may need to raise their tension and re-string more often, Volkl Cyclone Tour is a good fit for anyone looking for a softer poly that can dictate points with power and spin. About the Reviewer: Matt Locke formerly served for 3 years as the Junior Programs & Development Coordinator for USTA-Idaho.

Volkl V-Square 16/1.30 String Review - Tennis Warehouse

You can't buy spin because it comes overwhelmingly from technique. However, if you want a tennis string that makes hitting spin easier, our playtesters have a very solid recommendation. It's called Volkl V-Square, and our team gave it a spin score that was just shy of perfect. Almost everything about V-Square, from its sharp edges and vicious snapback to its impressive pocketing and predictability on full swings, helps generate spin.

Tennis Warehouse - Volkl Cyclone 19 String Review

Volkl's V-Star 19 is softer still while Solinco's Tour Bite 19 is very comparable." Andy - "This was actually the best experience I've had with such a thin polyester string. Others have broken on me much quicker or have been uncontrollably lively, but not Cyclone 19 !

Volkl Cyclone - String Review - Brian Bollman Tennis

Volkl Cyclone is one of the most hyped up polyester strings available today. I would say it has a cult like following but at this point it’s safe to say it has crossed into the mainstream. Typically with these reviews I try to focus on performance and not preface everything on cost but in this case it is worth pointing out that Cyclone often ranks #1 on peoples value for money list.