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Assam Rifles Salary Slip 2018 GD, Clerk, Cook Monthly Salary, Pay Slip, Grade Pay

Assam Rifles Salary 2018 : Assam Rifle Monthly Salary Slip after 7th Pay Commission for GD, Clerk, Cook, Tradesman and warrant officers pay scale, grade pay Allowances which is provided to every servicemen of this paramilitary force.

Known as the oldest paramilitary force of India the Assam Rifle was formed by the British authority in 1835 which over the passing time was known as Assam Frontier Police (1883), Assam Military Police (1891), and Eastern Bengal and Assam Military Police (1913), finally in 1917 it was officially named as the Assam Rifle.

The Assam Rifle comes under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Home Affairs of India and over the course of time this particular paramilitary force has been one of the active armed force that was engaged in numerous conflicts specially during the World War I & World War II.

Currently the total strength of Assam Rifle is 46 battalions with more than 63,747 active personnel who are entrusted with the provision of internal security during counter insurgency, border security, aiding civil designations during natural calamity emergencies.

According to the government policy of “one border one force” the Assam Rifle has been entrusted with the security and responsibility of guarding the Indo-Myanmar border since 2002.

For every individual who desires to serve their country through defense services then the service in Assam Rifle would be one of the best choice because it is one of the honorable paramilitary force with glorious history.

Many individuals have been recruited by Assam Rifle through recruitment that was conducted whenever there were vacant positions for various trades of the force. Every candidate who has been recruited by the Assam Rifle are entrusted with their specific duty.

Thus the individuals who serve the force are provided with attractive monthly salary pay including various risks allowances for their service. The salary structure varies according to the ranks of the individuals.

So know the complete Assam Rifle Salary Rank Wise candidates will need to go through the following details mentioned below.

Assam Rifle Salary Slip 2018 :

Check out the latest and complete Assam Rifle Monthly salary, pay scale, grade pay, military service pay (MSP) that is provided to the Assam Rifle Personnel on the basis of their Pay band and Assam Rifle rank structure.

Now it is certain that every individual who is recruited by the Assam Rifle for any trade or ranks the individual has to fulfill the general duty. Apparently for their excellent service the Assam Rifle personnel shall be provided with a attractive monthly salary and certain allowances.

However, the monthly salary, grade pay, MSP of the personnel is determined by their designation or rank in the force. But these monthly salary is provided for every individual and with allowance benefits.

1). Sepoy :

  • Salary : Rs. 5,200 to Rs. 20,200.
  • Grade Pay : Rs. 1,800.
  • Military Service Pay : Rs. 2,000.

2). Lance Naik :

  • Salary : Rs. 5,200 to Rs. 20,200.
  • Grade Pay : Rs. 2,000.
  • Military Service Pay : Rs. 2,000.

3). Naik :

  • Salary : Rs. 5,200 to Rs. 20,200.
  • Grade Pay : Rs. 2,400.
  • Military Service Pay : Rs. 2,000.

4). Havaldar :

  • Salary : Rs. 5,200 to Rs. 20,200.
  • Grade Pay : Rs. 2,800.
  • Military Service Pay : Rs. 2,000.

5). Naib Subedar :

  • Salary : Rs. 9,300 to Rs. 34,800.
  • Grade Pay : Rs. 4,200.
  • Military Service Pay : Rs. 2,000.

6). Subedar :

  • Salary : Rs. 9,300. Rs. 34,800.
  • Grade Pay : Rs. 4,600.
  • Military Service Pay : Rs. 2,000.

7). Subedar Major :

  • Salary : Rs. 9,300 to Rs. 34,800.
  • Grade Pay : Rs. 4,800.
  • Military Service Pay : Rs. 2,000.

Here the individuals have been provided with the complete list of Assam Rifle Rank Wise salary slip, grade pay, MSP that is offered every month to the personnel for their service and sacrifice.

Assam Rifle Salary After 7th Pay Commission :

Here get the approximate Assam Rifle Monthly Pay after 7th Pay Commission for gd, clerk, tradesman, cook post, has been implied and is effective as per the rule of the government.

As we are aware that 7th Pay commission which the new pay commission scheme proposed by the government of India will result in rise of monthly salary for every government service individual.

Similarly the 7th pay Commission will be effective for all armed forces of India such as Assam Rifle for they deserve for their services.

So when the 7th Pay commission is finally effective the salary of every Assam Rifle personnel will be raised and they will be offered with higher monthly pay than the one mentioned above.

Thus, for every individual who desires to know the Assam Rifles Salary after 7th Pay Commission we have provided the salary chart with approximate monthly pay which should be provided. So go through the below mentioned Assam Rifle Salary Chart.

Assam Rifle Salary in Training :

Check the Assam Rifle Training Salary that has been mentioned for the individuals who wish to know their monthly pay during their training period.

For all those candidates who have been recruited they already know that after being selected through the recruitment they will undergo certain train period.

This training is crucial for every cadet and they must complete their training period.

Only those cadets who complete their training shall be commissioned with the Assam Rifle armed force. Now during the entire training period the cadets are provided with basis training salary every month.

Assam Rifle Monthly Pay In Training : Rs. 18,000 to Rs. 20,000 (approximate).

Assam Rifles Allowances :

Know the complete list of different Assam Rifle Allowances are provided to the personnel during their service period form this section of the article.

Every personnel of Assam Rifle are provided with their monthly salary which they undoubtedly deserve, however other than their pay they are able provided with certain beneficial allowances over different aspects. Check the Assam rifle pay slip from official site.

These allowances are provided based on different attributes concerned with their service period. Thus in order to look out for their service personnel there are allowances provided along with their monthly salary.

So the following are the special perks and allowances that is provided for every Assam Rifle Personnel.

  1. Field Allowances.
  2. High Altitude Allowances.
  3. Dearness Allowances.
  4. House Rent Allowances.
  5. Transport Allowances.
  6. Medical Facilities.
  7. Canteen Facilities.
  8. Ration Facilities.
  9. Leave Allowances.

The information that has been provided in this article will certainly help individuals to know the complete Assam Rifle Salary according to the rank hierarchy of the armed forced.

Furthermore if individuals are in need of necessary information regarding any defense services than the individual can visit our official website for reliable and complete information with proper assistance.

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