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IBPS Clerk Salary Slip 2018 After 7th Pay Commission, Promotion, Job Profile, Career Growth

IBPS Clerk Salary Slip 2018 : Looking for what is the in hand salary of an ibps clerk (quora) after 7th pay commission and promotion, job profile and career growth related all details. Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) is a very well known organization which is responsible for conducting recruitment of individuals to fill the vacancies available in various banks based in different regions.

Similarly among several posts of bank officials the Clerical post or Clerk is one post for which recruitment is organized quite often. For every recruitment individuals are invited form all over the country who participates in the IBPS Clerk Recruitment (CWE VIII).

Since the Clerical post is one of the important and vital post only the best candidates will get selected by the IBPS. So every candidate who has already applied for the IBPS Clerk recruitment should be preparing for their respective selection process.

Therefore, every candidates who has applied for IBPS Clerk Recruitment must wonder what would be the monthly salary pay and special allowances & perks that is offered for the post of clerk after their recruitment.

So, in order to answer those questions this article has been updated with information concerned with the salary, allowances, perks, job profile of IBPS Clerk, promotion scheme, etc.

IBPS Clerk Job Profile :

Interested candidates can now know about the complete IBPS Clerk work profile (job profile), duties and responsibilities that is entrusted by the bank after they are appointed as clerk.

Those individuals who are appointed for clerical posts are in-charge of such sections of Accounts, Data Entry, Office, Loan, etc. departments of the banks. Although it is the lowest post among the bank officials but the functions of a clerk is second to none.

Basically the primary responsibility of a clerk of a bank is to look after crucial process concerned with the accounts of the customers, complaints, queries, etc.

There are several responsibilities of a clerk also includes Documents verification, Account verification, Back Office duties of receipts collection, balance tally, Cash departments, deposits, loan, attending Government Treasury Work etc.

IBPS Clerk Salary Slip & Promotion :

Here we are going to provide you with the IBPS Clerk Monthly Salary in Hand and the career growth (promotion) concerned with the promotions queries held by individuals. IBPS is a very well and reputed recruitment organization which recruits individuals for various banks for different posts such as for Clerical posts, PO, SO, etc.

The recruitment is conducted according to the recruitment process of the IBPS and after the completion of the process the candidates who are recruited are finally appointed as a Clerk of a particular bank.

After their appointment the individuals must fulfill their general clerical duties and responsibilities in order to maintain proper functioning of their banks. So in return of their duties the individuals are provided with a monthly salary including entitled allowances, every month.

The IBPS Clerk Salary may increase along with the experience and service period of the individual , but the starting salary for an IBPS Clerk individuals would be as mentioned below :

IBPS Clerk Salary (10th Bipartite Wage Settlement ) : Rs.21, 339 To Rs. 23,117.

IBPS Clerk Salary (11th Bipartite Wage Settlement) : Rs.11, 765. To Rs. 31,540.

IBPS Clerk Salary Structure 2018 :

Here is the ibps clerk salary structure 2018 according to the population wise.

IBPS Clerk Salary After 7th Pay Commission :

Here check out the IBPS Clerk Salary after 7th Pay Commission being implied by the government. As per the 7th Pay Commission Matrix that has been proposed by the government but is yet to be officially effective has been a great news for the government officials.

Now as er the 7th CPC matrix there will be a huge rise in present monthly salary provided to the officials. Likewise for every government banking Clerical officials and IBPS Clerks their monthly salary may be increased, so their salary structure gets better.

Now as per the calculation the IBPS Clerk Salary after 7th Pay Commission matrix would be  around the below following region.

Revised Salary : Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 60,000.

IBPS Special Perks & Allowances :

Individuals who wants to know the IBPS Clerk Perks and Allowances which is provided for the post of IBPS Clerks may read the following details carefully.

Every IBPS Clerk official of a bank is provided with their basic monthly salary but along with their salary the several allowances are provided for different factors. These allowances does benefit the individuals in several aspects.

However, these entitled allowances for IBPS Clerks are provided based upon various factors such as the rate of population of their posting area and such.

As a matter of fact the individuals who are appointed as a IBPS Clerk can benefit with the following allowances of  :

  • Special Allowances.
  • Dearness Allowances.
  • House Rent Allowances.
  • Transport Allowances.
  • City Compensation Allowances.
  • Increment Facilities.

The above mentioned allowances differs according to certain factors in concern with the above mentioned population factors. So in order to provide the accurate rate of these allowances the following chart has been provided

IBPS Clerk Promotion – Career Growth :

You can get all necessary information for IBPS Clerk Promotion scheme if the individual interested to go through this section of our article. When an individual has been appointed as a Clerk of a bank there are possible chances and opportunity for the promotion onto a higher level.

For every person who desires to become a bank officer then starting form the clerical post would be a good decision.

However, in order to obtain promotion through the clerical post the individual must complete their 2 years of service before they apply for their promotion examination conducted by their banks.

Thus only those service personnel who have completed their 2 years of service are eligible for their promotion examination conducted for the officer post.

In terms of the IBPS Clerk promotion process an individual can be promoted to a officer post according to the two major promotion process such as :

  1. Normal Process 
  2. Merit Basis Process 

1). Normal Process : In this process the candidates will need to participate in the promotion examination conducted by the banks. If an individual is able to pass this exam then the are known as Trainee Officer who are called Probationary Officers latter.

2). Merit Basis Process : For every clerk to be promoted through this process 2 years of service has to be competed by the individual. JAIIB and CAIIB diploma is must with a graduation or post graduation degree.

According to the promotion proceeding once the individual is able to be promoted to a Probationary Officer there are seven different scales that is provided to be achievers which are as follows :

  • Scale 1 : Officer /Assistant Manager.
  • Scale 2 : Manager .
  • Scale 3 : Senior Manager .
  • Scale 4 : Chief Manager .
  • Scale 5 : Assistant General Manager .
  • Scale 6 : Deputy General Manager .
  • Scale 7 : General Manager.

Lastly, we hope that we have been able to provide the individuals with the information which can help them solve their queries.

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