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Indian Coast Guard Salary Structure 2018, ICG Officer, Navik GD, Yantrik Monthly Pay Scale

Indian Coast Guard Salary 2018 : Check ICG Monthly Pay Scale, Salary Structure for Officer, Navik GD, Yantrik, Assistant commandant post after 7th Pay Commission. All candidates who want to check indian coast guard retirement age, pension scheme related details will get from this website.

The Indian Coast Guard is one of the highly reputed and respected armed force of India which was formed on 18th August 1978 under the Coast Guard Act , 1978 in order to secure and protect maritime resources, and to enforce maritime law over the Indian territorial water.

In order to secure the Indian territorial water the Indian Navy came up with the proposal to established Indian Coast Guard which would be a non-military armed force. This independent Armed Force operates under the command of Defense of Ministry of India.

Indian Coast Guard is responsible for the safety of Indian maritime territories, protection of aquatic eco-system and have been remarkable in various Search-and-Rescue operations conducted over Indian waters.

It is an independent Armed Force that often collaborates in times with the Indian Navy, Department of Fisheries, Department of Revenue and with other Central and State police forces during different national operations.

Certainly in order to maintain their service and stature the Indian Coast Guard requires some of the best individuals for their service to the force. However undoubtedly there are thousands of individuals who dream of being a Indian Coast Guard personnel.

As a matter of fact number of individuals have been able to fulfill their wish and make their dream a reality all due to the opportunities that is provided by the Indian Coast Guard for eligible candidates.

ICG Salary 2018 – 7th Pay Commission For Indian Coast Guard :

After 7th Pay commission board change the indian coast guard monthly salary. The Indian Coast Guard conducts recruitment for available vacancies over different trade and hence interested candidates have their opportunities to apply for their desired trade of the ICG.

There are different branches of the Indian Coast Guard and individuals are recruited for each branch according to the enrollment. Further you will get icg salary 2018-2019.

However, after being recruited the individuals are offered with a handsome monthly salary, perks and special allowances by the force for their service. Thus the Indian Coast Guard not only ensures secure career for the individuals but several benefits are provided to the service personnel and their families.

So here in this article our objective is to provide every interested candidate with the proper Indian Coast Guard Salary details according to their designation.

Indian Coast Guard Officer Salary Details :

Interested individuals can check the Indian Coast Guard Officer Monthly Pay or Salary Slip of the ICG in this following sect. The individuals who are designated as officers of the Indian Coast Guard are the personnel responsible for proper operation of the fleets.

These individuals are the high ranking officers who are in charge of several operations and to ensure general functioning of the forces.

However, similar to other armed forces the Indian Coast Guard is comprised of different ranks of officer designation. Therefore the Indian Coast Guard Officer salary is provided according to the ranks.

Thus the information mentioned below contains the complete Indian Coast Guard Officer monthly salary structure starting form the highest officer rank to the lowest officer rank of the Indian Coast Guard armed forces.

1. General Director:

  • Monthly Salary : Rs. 37,000 – Rs. 67,000.
  • Grade Pay : Rs. 12,000.

2. Inspector General :

  • Monthly Salary : Rs. 15,600 – Rs.39,000.
  • Grade Pay: Rs. 10,000.

3. Deputy Inspector General :

  • Monthly Salary : Rs. 37,400 – Rs. 67,000.
  • Grade Pay : Rs. 8,,900.

4. Commandant :

  • Monthly Salary : Rs. 37,400 – Rs. 67,000.
  • Grade Pay :Rs. 8,700.

5. Commandant (junior Grade) :

  • Monthly Salary : Rs. 15,600-Rs. 39,100.
  • Grade Pay: Rs.7,600.

6. Deputy Commandant :

  1. Monthly Salary :Rs. 15,600 – Rs. 39,100.
  2. Grade Pay : Rs. 6,600

7. Assistant Commandant :

  • Monthly Salary : Rs. 15,600 – Rs. 39,100.
  • Grade Pay : Rs. 5,400.

So, the above provide list is the entire ranks of Indian Coast Guard Officers along with the monthly pay and grade pay that is provided by the force for their service period. Check your indian coast guard assistant commandant salary from the given table.

Indian Coast Guard Yantrik Salary 2018 Details :

Get the proper and complete Indian Coast Guard Yantrik Monthly pay or monthly salary structure form this section of our article updated for interested candidates. Other than the ranks of the officer the Indian Coast Guard also provide individual with the trade of a Yantrik which is an integral trade of this armed forces.

There are different ranks or designation within the Yantrik department of the ICG and hence candidates are recruited for each of these post.

Basically the Yantrik trade of Indian Coast Guard deals with the overall technical department of the fleet such as the engineering department, mechanical , and such other sophisticated section.

Therefore, each post of Yantrik is responsible for a certain technical section and for their service the Indian Coast Guard offers them with a proper monthly salary structure including other benefits.

So, here below we have provide the list of Yantrik designation with their monthly pay and grade pay starting form the lowest rank of Indian Coast Guard Yantrik department.

1). Yantrik :

  • Monthly Salary : Rs.5,200 – Rs.20,000.
  • Grade Pay : Rs.2,400.

2). Uttam Yantrik :

  • Monthly Salary : Rs.5,200 – Rs.20,000.
  • Grade Pay : Rs. 2,800.

3). Pradhan Yantrik :

  • Monthly Salary: Rs.9,300 – Rs.34,800.

4). Sahayak Engineer :

  • Monthly Salary : Rs. 9,300 – CRs.34,800.

5). Uttam Engineer Yantrik :

  • Monthly Salary : Rs.9,300 – 34,800.
  • Grade Pay: Rs.4,600.

6). Pradhan Engineer Yantrik :

  • Monthly Salary : Rs.9,300 – Rs.34,800.
  • Grade Pay : Rs.4,600.

Thus, the complete coast guard monthly pay for Yantrik department of the ICG has been provided, hope individuals are able to solve their queries related to this particular department.

Indian Coast Guard GD Salary 2018 Details :

The complete Indian Coast Guard Navik Monthly Salary or ICG GD Salary can be acquire from the following content. In terms of Indian Coast Guard Navik department individuals are recruited for two separate branches with different posts similar to the Yantrik divisions.

Those candidates who have been recruited for the Navik department are either recruited for Navik General Duty (GD) or Navik Domestic Branch (DB).

Therefore individuals recruited for either of these department of the Indian Coast Guard is entrusted with specific duties. Ultimately the salary structure of each department of Navik service personnel depends upon their post and their department.

So the individuals who are interested in inquiring regarding the Indian Coast Guard Navik (GD)Monthly pay can go through the following details.

These details provide the complete salary for Indian Coast guard GD sailor individuals according to their designation form lower to higher post.

1). Navik :

  • Monthly Salary: Rs.5,200. – Rs.20,000.
  • Grade Pay : Rs.1,900.

2). Uttam Navik :

  • Monthly Salary: Rs.5,200. – Rs.20,200.
  • Grade Pay : Rs.2,200.

3). Pradhan Navik :

  • Monthly Salary: Rs.5,000. – Rs.20,200.
  • Grade Pay : Rs.2,800.

4). Adhakari :

  • Monthly Salary: Rs.9,300. – Rs.34,800.
  • Grade Pay : Rs.4,200.

5). Uttam Adhakari :

  • Monthly Salary: Rs.9,300. – Rs.34,800.
  • Grade Pay : Rs.4,600.

6). Pradhan Adhakari :

  • Monthly Salary: Rs.9,300. – Rs.34,800.
  • Grade Pay : Rs.4,600.

Indian Coast Guard Navik (GD) Domestic Branch (DB) Salary :

The Navik (DB) domestic branch also a absolute unit of the Indian Coast Guard which is responsible for various department within the fleet such as in weaponry, non-technical sections.

Individuals who are recruited as Navik Domestic Branch personnel shall be responsible for various duties within the fleet.

However for their extensive services the Indian Coast Guard offers them with the following salary structure according to their post. Check here Indian coast guard gd domestic branch salary per month.

1). Navik :

Monthly Salary: Rs.5,200. – Rs.20,200.
Grade Pay : Rs.2,000.

2).Pradhan Navik :

Monthly Salary: Rs.5,200. – Rs.20,200.
Grade Pay : Rs.2,400.

3). Adhakari :

Monthly Salary: Rs.9,300.- Rs.34,800.
Grade Pay : Rs.4,200.

4). Uttara Adhakari :

Monthly Salary: Rs.9,800. – Rs.34,300.
Grade Pay : Rs.4,200.

5). Pradhan Adhakari :

Monthly Salary: Rs.9,800. – Rs.34,300.
Grade Pay : Rs.4,600.

The above mentioned information covers up the entire salary structure that is offered by the Indian Coast Guard for Navik Domestic Branch service personnel.

Indian Coast Guard Allowances :

The monthly salary is provided by the armed force to the service personnel but other then their monthly pay the individuals can also enjoy various benefits offered by the Indian Coast Guard armed force.

There are different perks and allowance that is beneficial not only for the service personnel but their families are also liable to enjoy the benefits of these special perks and allowance provided by the ICG.

The complete list of allowance offered to the Indian Coast Guard personnel have been mentioned below as per the official allowances.

  1. Free Medical facilities for servicemen and including their families.
  2. House Rent Allowances (HRA) Or Government Accommodation.
  3. Gratuity on Retirement.
  4. Loan Facilities (upto 40 lakh on 4,000 per month premium).
  5. Canteen Facilities.
  6. Leave Allowances.
  7. Ration & Clothing Facilities.

This particular article can provide the candidates with the complete Indian Coast Guard salary per month in India , including the special allowances for each department.

However if they are other information required by candidates in case of Indian Coast Guard then visit our official website (http://joinindiancoastguard.gov.in/) for further queries.

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