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IPS Officer Salary In Hand 2018, IPS Salary After 7th Pay Commission, Training, Power, Benefits

IPS Officer Salary 2018 : Check IPS Salary Per Month In Hand and IPS Salary After 7th Pay Commission (during trainingand also check IPS Officer Other Facilities and Benefitsin this article as further on we will be focused upon the Indian Police Service Salary.

Formerly known as the Indian Imperial Police that was formed in 1095 after independence of Indian came to be known as the Indian Police Service(Bharatiya Police Seva) in 1948 as one of the major All India Service arm. The IPS along with IAS and IFS of ALL India Service are selected for the employment offered by the Union Government and by a particular State.

The primary objective of IPS is to provide different State police and all India Central Armed Police Force with individuals with leadership qualities who are fit to be appointed as commanders and other high ranking officers. Check here IPS Officer Salary and IPS Salary Per Month.

Individuals who have a desire to become an IPS officer has to appear the annul IPS examination that is conducted by the recruiting board. Those cadets who are able to crack the exam go through further selection and then finally their training period.

It is one of the toughest civil examination of India but this fact has not be a hindrance for numerous individuals who have become an IPS officer in past years.

Every candidate who successfully achieves their dream of becoming an IPS officer is dispatched for their duties either by the Government of India or State Government.

To be an IPS officer is one of the toughest task and the duties and responsibilities that comes along with this achievement is challenging. However, in return of their excellent services for maintaining law and order IPS officers are provided with proper monthly salary pay every month.

Therefore, further on this this article we would like to provide interested individuals with all the information and details they need to know regarding the IPS Officer Monthly Salary and including various IPS Officer Facilities that is provided.

IPS Officer Salary In India 2018 :

Get the entire list and details of India IPS Officer Salary Per Month In Hand form the following information. The IPS officers are designated for various posts or rank in different police departments or Central Police Force.

Thus the salaries offered to these IPS Officers are based upon their ranks or designations.

However , the IPS Salary will be provided according to various scale or grade within the All India Services and eventually the ranks of the officers are decided by their scale or grades.

The salary for IPS Officers of India are provide with monthly salary in the following manner as per their service scale.

1). Junior Scale :

  • Salary :Rs. 15,600 – Rs.39,100.
  • Grade Pay: Rs.5,400.

2). Senior Time Scale :

  • Salary: Rs.15,600 – Rs.39,100.
  • Grade Day : Rs. 6,600.

3). Junior Administrative Grade :

  • Salary : Rs.15,600 – R.39,100.
  • Grade Pay: Rs.7,600.

4). Selection Grade :

  • Salary: Rs.37,400 – Rs.67,000.
  • Grade Pay : Rs. 8,700.

5). Super-time Scale Grade : 

  • Salary: Rs.37,400 – Rs.67,000.
  • Grade Pay : Rs.Rs.10,000.

6). Above Super-time Grade:

  • Salary: Rs.67,000 – Rs.79,000.
  • Grade Pay : Rs. NIL.

7). Appex Scale :

  • Salary: Rs.80,000 (Fixed).
  • Grade Pay : Rs. NIL.

8). Director General Of Police :

  • Salary: Rs.90,000.
  • Grade Pay : Rs. NIL.

Form the above mentioned IPS Officer Salary List the individuals can now be aware of the complete salary and including the grade pay that is provided on the basis of the service grade which is determined by the period of their service.

Salary Of IPS Officer (Trainee) During Training :

If and individuals has queries regarding the salary that is offered to IPS trainee during their training period then the following details provided for IPS Officer Salary In During Training might be helpful.

Since all those individuals who are able to crack their IPS exam are selected for the training period before they are officially appointed as an IPS officer under the junior time scale which is the grade conferred for fresh recruits.

The training period of IPS cadets can extend up-to 2 years , and the training is conducted in two separate phases.

First training phase will be completed in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand with other candidates who have been called for the training of other services. Then the second phase of training of new batch of IPS recruits will be conducted at the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy located in Hyderabad.

During their training period candidates are taught with different local languages and other sorts of important requirement for their services. Get the Salary of IPS officer after training.

In order to pass their training the candidates must be able to pass the 2 levels of exam. Their performance in these exam will determine their further promotions and designations.

However, over the 2 years of training the IPS candidates are also provide with basic salary every month during their entire training session. So ultimately all those individuals who are selected for IPS training are provided with the IPS monthly training salary as mentioned below.

Salary : Rs.38,700 Approximate.

IPS Officer Salary After 7th Pay Commission :

Get the complete and approximate IPS Officer Salary after 7th Pay Commission has been officially implied as per the announcements. As we all know that the Government of India is set to imply the 7th Pay Commission for every government service.

Eventually the basic salary for every service will increase including for IPS officers.

However, the 7th pay commission has not bee officially effective due to which the accurate salary cannot be disclosed yet. But as per the recent announcement we might be able to provide the individuals with the approximate salary for each rank of IPS officers.

So, if you want to know the approximate Salary of ips officer after 7th Pay Commission then go through the following IPS Salary Chart carefully and know the salary for the rank of IPS you are fond of among all other.

IPS Officer Power & Responsibilities :

Know the responsibilities and IPS Officer Powers that comes along after becoming a honorable IPS officer in India. As the names of the service suggests to become and IPS officer is to take charge in order to maintain proper law and order to ensure and maintain peace and harmony.

Therefore after becoming an IPS officer one has to be responsible of various law enforcement forces. The responsibility and primary duty of an IPS officer is to maintain order and enforce law, to prevent crimes and detect crimes over their area of jurisdiction.

IPS officers are also appointed in high command of various central armed forces who are dispatched over the international borders, so border responsibilities are also one of their priority.

Counter -terrorism, border policy, anti-smuggling operations, economic offences, anti-corruption operations, counter-intelligence , etc. are among those several responsibilities of an IPS officer in terms of their border responsibilities.

High scale IPS officers are also appointed for chief designations in order to operate Indian Intelligence Agencies such as Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), Intelligence Bureau (IB), Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI),Criminal Investigation Department (CID), and more.

Overall an IPS officer is responsible for the enforcing law and order by leading and commanding the forces with courage, dedication, determination with the endeavor to service in order to ensure general public enjoys peace and harmony.

IPS Officer Ranks & Designation :

Here check the complete IPS Officer Lists, ranks and their designation that is provided to the IPS officer accordingly. The ranking of the IPS officers and their designation is determined by their service scale or grades based on their service experience.

IPS Officer got promotion according the grades.

1. Junior Time Scale : The new recruits who complete their training period are appointed as Junior Time Scale officer until further promotion is achieved. The IPS officer of this scale are appointed for the Deputy Superintendent of Police of by the government.

2. Senior Time Scale : IPS officers who are designated under this scale or grade can be appointed for the ranks of Assistant Superintendent of police.

3. Junior Administrative Grade : The IPS officers who are in this grade are also appointed for the ranks of Superintendent of Police of a particular state police department.

4. Selection Grade : This grade IPS officers can be appointed for the Superintendent of Police rank by an individual State government.

5. Super Time Scale : The IPS officer of this grade are liable to be appointed as the Deputy Inspector General by the respective Government.

6. Higher Administrative Grade : The Inspector General (IG) rank is offered to those IPS officers who have achieve this grade of their service.

7. Apex Scale : This grade of IPS Officer are eligible to be appointed as the Additional Director General depending upon their service experience..

8. Director General Of Police : The highest grade among the entire IPS service grade and those  individuals who achieve this grade can be appointed as Director General of Police (GD).

IPS Officer Facilities and Other Benefits :

There are several benefits of an IPS officer and various facilities that is provided by the Government for every individuals who becomes an IPS.

These facilities are provided separately, so along with their monthly salary IPS officers are provided with facilities and benefits them in various fields.

The complete allowances and special perks that is offered as benefits to IPS officers has been mentioned below :

  • Free electricity & Communication  facility
  • Educational Leave  Facility even if the individual is in active service.
  • Free accommodation.
  • Security and Domestic Household Assistance.
  • Provident Fund leave.
  • Medical Facilities.
  • Canteen Facilities
  • Pension and retirement benefit.
  • Government VIP Vehicle.

Finally as we come to the end of this article we hope that the information that we have been able to provide the individuals regarding the IPS Salary in India can help the candidates to solve their queries. However, for any further information for IPS visit the official website of UPSC.

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